This page contains all selected Tutorials (Blogs and Videos) that are related to Python.


Update for beem: markdown download and improved posting

beem is a python library for STEEM and HIVE. The current version is 0.23.3.


Sunday coding sessions: #1 Detecting the language of HIVE content

Hive hosts lots of different languages. If you want to categorize the content, one of the categorization points is the language used for the posts/comments.


Python Rules Of Coding: String literals

In the above code, the string literal is "Hello, World!" with quotation marks and the string value is Hello, World!


How to use beempy for posting

Why using an external markdown editor for writing? There are some advantages in using an external editor:


[Python] Use Hive2Vests to get list of Witnesses by HP Votes

We all know converting Vests to Hive can be very confusing, but this issue is particularly annoying for witnesses who want to calculate their received votes and witness rank.


Howto to use beempy for posting in Android

Please also read my post how to use beempy for posting, in which I have explained how to construct the YAML header for your post. We will use the same header on Android.